Kindly give 24 hours notice of the need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Cancellation without timely notice may incur a charge of one half the regular fee for the scheduled service for any pre-paid services. No-shows may forfeit a pre-paid session or may not be rescheduled without prepayment of future services.

Please arrive a few minutes early, as sessions begin and end promptly. Initial appointments require the completion of a brief questionnaire and interview, so please allow for an additional 15 minutes for the session.

We choose to use only the finest quality, therapeutic grade essential oils in our bodywork and personal formulas. We offer a wide variety of doTERRA essential oils for use and application during your sessions! Please inquire to learn more about our fantastic doTERRA product line.

Massage Therapy in Georgia is regulated, so be sure to inquire as to whether your therapist is properly licensed. Our credentials are diligently earned and should be displayed in each area that we practice. We renew our licensure every 2 years after completing further education, continued practice, and fee submission. Unlicensed massage therapists are practicing illegally and are threatening the reputation and livelihood of licensed massage therapists.

It should go without saying, but we must , , , Our massage and spa services are in no way intended to be sexual in nature and therefore we feel very strongly that any behavior that is directed as such will be corrected and the session terminated. Client privacy and dignity will be maintained at all times. The appropriate amount of draping to meet the needs of the client, therapist and session style will always be honored. Full Body Massage does not involve any areas of the natural body deemed inappropriate by our professional governing body. We appreciate your understanding in this area.